Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Final flight

I had a couple of hours at the airport to start catching up on phone calls, sharing how our lives have continued to evolve in the three months of my absence, and what appears to be ahead. As I settled into my seat for the final 6 hour flight from Washington DC to San Diego, my soul insists that I sit quietly--no reading or watching the inflight movie. In the stillness, a mini version of the "harpooned heart" feeling comes flooding in. Some of the feelings are familiar as introduced in the ashram and then I recognize something new added to the mix: the feelings of love and presence held by my friends while I was away. The invisible web in which we are all connected. The tears of gratitude come welling up in response to the beauty of this interconnectedness. Nothing else matters. 2 hours pass and we are now over Nebraska.

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