Monday, February 4, 2013

What Next?

Restoration at the ashram continues
From one container of grace and beauty to another.  One day I am sitting at the feet of the Divine in a body and taking bucket baths.  A few days later,  I am meditating in the Divine's nature park and taking a streaming, hot shower.  The transition was seamless this time. Only the scaffolding looks different.  The inner peace is the same.  No particular relief, but ease and convenience yes.

When I first asked Gurudev if I could return to India to work towards an inner state of equanimity, he said yes and that it was possible.  I had allotted 10 years, so it is remarkable to reach something far exceeding what I could imagine in less than 2 years.  Guru's grace.  I am curious now.  It feels like I have just woken up in some ways and that I am rubbing the sleep out of my eyes in preparation for a deeper unfoldment.

As I type and reflect in the silence and stillness, there is a welling up of profound joy and love.  What next?

Morning in Sonoma County, California

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