Monday, February 25, 2013

A Glimpse Of Spring

A view from Stephen's (Narayana Baba's) porch in Graton, California
A warm afternoon giving us the reminder of Spring is on the way.

At this point, I feel like the Divine has three communication/teaching fields: dreams in sleep, wake state, and meditation.  I am now regularly experiencing a new twist on this, it is as if the Divine Committee is taking slivers of one field and overlapping them or introducing them into one of the other fields.  It makes me giggle. I don't usually have my body transformed into an energetic wave frequency while talking to a friend or merge into the deepest part of my heart sense while reading an email, or...  Why not?  Anything is possible, so now the path appears to be experiencing the latest mystical teachings in the day-to-day wake state.  These combinations have been appearing steadily during the past two years while living in the direct connection to the ashram, but not as much while living in the West.  At this point, I am surrendered to it all and it is quite endearing to have such graphic touchstones to the Divine while distracted with the Earth Play.  It is like a delivery of flowers or a an unexpected note from a lover appearing without a special occasion--Grace.

The alignment with my horse is almost startling as we start back to the horse and rider relationship.  My sense is that I will be helping him to a new family, but in the meantime, the purity, ease, and inner conversation are a beautiful reminder of where I started at the age of four and why the inner teachings from Pahari Baba and Gurudev have often been so seamless to absorb.  The bliss was highlighted internally as my outer form was cantering around the arena. Thank you to the animal kingdom once again.

The clarity from how much can be communicated without words is yet another gift. As two-leggeds, we are often too cluttered or busy in our minds to even receive it if it is available.  Offering the horse in New Hampshire this state of listening was remarkable in its transformational qualities. Maybe this will be part of the new teachings I can share with riders, so they uncover a less cluttered partnership.  It has taken the two year break to dislodge much of the history I carried from the ineffective teachings as well.  Having the life ferris wheel stop at the horse world once again has been an unexpected but welcomed starting point.

Excited about the personal training program and digging into Selfseeds.  Immersed in details of the body and how to work with human wellness/wholeness.  75% of Americans appear to exercise less than 30 minutes a day.  An almost unfathomable concept to me, since I enjoy exercising so much.

I made an appointment with one of the Swamis at the Ramakrishna Temple in San Francisco to learn about the application of "The Principles" in America and the women's order.  Part of my self imposed homework while taking care of commitments and dissolving more of the physical anchors in California.  Everyone is asking when I will go back to India; there appears to be a consensus of when and not if.  In my heart, the countdown is ticking quietly in the background. 

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