Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Drive To Understand "A"

Signs of Spring
As I continue to read, meditate, converse, contemplate, and experience the waves of Absolute Truth and Love, the desire to understand "A", the root, the essence, the first activation of vibration continues to draw me deeper into the inquiry of self and self in action.  In the history of religion and spirituality, organizations were a later development in the evolution of humanity.  The original teachings and impressions came from individuals.  My tendency has been to be a rebel, but there has always been an inner guideline that has felt more authentic than any outer guidelines, rules, or parameters set by society.  Somewhere in the evolution of self, peer pressure, family history, societal norms, and more began to shape and regulate this process--some aspects were/are useful and some not so much.

Are the ever present outbursts of war, violence, oppression, and subversive intrusions rough openings into anaerobic wounds that need to breath and touch the outer manifestation for consciousness building? There is nothing new in this assaultive nature of humanity. The current newness is the technologic advances of communication and the rapidness/globalization of the spreading of the information.  There is nothing new in the inward path. While sitting on this side of the globe or the other side, both settings for the journey provide plenty of fodder for the lesson plan. The concepts, ideology, and words are one layer, but the inner "knowing" and relationship to the Ultimate One is another.

Perfection of Nature and what appears to be chaos to the uninitiated.

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