Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Horse Altar

Drawing by Andrea Parrie
Dillon  drawing by Andrea Parrie
Galahad  drawing by Andrea Parrie
Drawing by Portuguese artist
Some of my favorite horse pictures.  These have been my horse altar before going to India.  I still remember how to ride a horse.  The connection is so deep and so natural.  By the second day, we felt as one.  The alignment created from clear communication and a willingness to connect is so simple with horses.  Many aspects of the trip were repairing old homework assignments, looking at the old path with fresh eyes, and feeling the flow of grace from the new.  The first five hours on the flight home passed very quickly as I set in the presence of it all.   The uncontrollable tears and awareness of divine intelligence permeated the air space.

Next?  Riding is flowing back into my life and I promised the Universe that I would act in alignment with what is presented.

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