Friday, February 8, 2013


The photo doesn't do justice to the size of this Apple Store--knock out the inner walls in the ashram and it is about the same size.

Never doubt how much your life can change in one week.  For now, the change is bountiful in the material field. Back to operating a washer/dryer, dishwasher, remotes for the satellite/tv, watching the robot vacuum the floor, microwave, driving, and more.  Crazy amounts of material abundance.

Reading a book about the history of India, the incredible invasion/abuse it has received at the hands of greed in the past combined with a more modern path of the Sannyasi, Swami Chinmayananda  Wow, India has suffered a lot of rape as a culture.  Interesting to take my latest obsession with women's safety, rights, and respect and apply it to an entire country/culture. Coming from a young country whose notable societal tragedies have been linked to the sacrifice of the American Indian (an ugly section of historical reality), abolishment of slavery, and the likes of internal differences--not so much a home invasion, can leave one naive about the bigger effects of history.  Even with living abroad in European countries, walking by bullet riddled building, visiting sites of historical violence, and the melting pot that is intwined in most countries now, it is still a very different dose of reality to have it all take place in your home backyard.

Once again, it is easy to judge the "disarray."  Getting to a place of comfort in my two current homes, opened me to looking deeper for the truth of India.  Gurudev had me read a recently published book about the ethics/morality of India's heritage and now to read another is concretizing the message of humanities evolution and the cycle over and over and over of man's desire for wealth.  I can better appreciate Ramakrishna's teaching around lust and greed.

Because of not ever feeling connected with the human tribe, I haven't looked at these local and global aspects of being in the Earth School until the past few years.  It has been an amazing education and as I sat to meditate today, my new homework assignment came into focus.  I notice that I usually spend a section of time with an awareness of a topic coming into focus.  The reading or a life event will help it to continue to evolve and then the voice clarifies it.   I have been asking, "What next?"  Maybe this is like offering a sugar cube to a horse when it is on track, but the blissful energetic state* is highlighted when I align to the clarified homework assignment--the Divine's feedback loop?

Examining the renunciation aspect constantly even while getting a new phone today.  Do I need it and why?  Updating my iPhone last night caused it to melt down, so there wasn't an option for getting something.  Sometimes the older phones cannot handle the updates, so I am now at the advanced level of technology with the 5g iPhone--it is so light that it almost makes me nervous that I don't have the phone in my carrying pouch.  It is interesting to learn about the actual technology and how the infrastructure for the internet is growing and how this phone will grow with even the new system beyond the 4g.  Another amazing feature is that I can use my phone like a hotspot or plug-in like I had in India.  No need to update my computer until the next system comes out, so that was good news.

Waiting for the book that goes with the online training for becoming a personal fitness trainer.  The thumbs-up for this next step of working with humans one-on-one without the protection of a horse came yesterday in my meditation.  The dancing has been a good preparation for this new direction.  I did look into working part-time at the Apple store which could be fun.  Between the horses, the fitness training, and staying with single-pointed focus on the spirituality practice--everything is full already.

*Driving a car is possible while experiencing intense inner joy.   Another point of integration?  Ladling the contents back and forth as I did in India: the walk and the ashram.

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