Monday, February 4, 2013

Dear Heart...

The view out my window.  Missing meditation time as I deal with the list that was waiting for me, but the state of inner peace is holding up.  Found a little book on Rumi.  Yet another beautiful story of a mystic.

"Dear heart, where do you find
  the courage to seek the Beloved
  when you know He has annihilated
  so many like you before?
  I do not care, said my heart,
  my only wish is to become
  one with the Beloved."


"Are you searching for your soul?
  Then come out of your prison.
  Leave the stream and join the river
  that flows into the ocean.
  Absorbed in this world
  you've made it your burden.
  Rise above this world.
  There is another vision..."

" You are the cure hidden in the pain.
    Concealed in anger and betrayal
    is Your compassion and loyalty.
    You are not only in heaven,
    I see Your footprints
    everywhere on earth."

(short video below)

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