Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Wheelbarrow Is Back To Work

And why did I think that returning home would warrant a "softening" of the lesson plan?  The real work of completely letting go appears to be the task at hand.  More trips to the surrender pile with my trusty wheelbarrow.  I continue to laugh at myself.  What was the point of everything I learned if it isn't to apply the teachings in every situation.  I did sign up for that idea--internal peace in any situation.

While pairing down the blogs to the bare bones, I am noticing that they are paralleling my current process of applying the teachings instead of becoming aware of them.  The Divine Lesson Plan is always available if I keep my heart open.  It is clear that I am a fish out of water, so there is nothing to lose by diving into the letting go.  And with huge amounts of grace, the support team is still holding the field.  

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