Friday, March 23, 2012


To best describe my new "status," I would say a puddle.  It is as if I have been shown this world of the formless, I know that I still live in a form, but who am I really?  I know who I am not (or at least getting a glimpse of that with the ego separated), but who am I really.  Yes, a spark of the Divine, but how is that to manifest.  A current piece of the work is to show up in a "familiar" environment and learn about my perceived self in this environment, but start to wonder who I could be without the past history.  Do I  continue with the role I was playing and be at peace that I now understand.  Or does this open the door to outwardly manifesting something more in line with my true nature?

While continuing to read, watch videos, speak to others on the path in English, I keep revisiting the profound gratitude for this new awareness.  As I hear "people in the know" speak about their connection to the Divine, I understand now.  My understanding for humans capacity for life and depth of being has been significantly expanded--more volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica added.

One of the pieces I keep marveling at is not having fear of the two-legged, but to embrace their diversity (and mine too.)  Living in the truth meter of my heart resonance, I do find it interesting to hear the politicians campaigning.  As individuals, they most likely started with a heartfelt purpose that lead them towards representing other two-leggeds, but where in the process does the whirling energy of the masses, greed, and ego begin to corrupt the inner truth of the individual.  A living science experiment.  

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