Saturday, March 17, 2012


Perfect homework assignment; reblogging the blog into a book form.  Thank you Divine Genealogy as a place to start while reentering the western world.  As I move through the process, a continuous flow of gratitude and grace moves through my heart and mind.  There is a lot that I didn't remember or understand, since I was living it.  As I revisit the lessons, I sink into the personal reality of it all.  Whether it was the initial blogging or the current reblogging, my hope is to transmit the truth and love that pervaded it all.  Touching Absolute Truth and Absolute Love from a living, descended Master have provided the undeniable markers for how to move towards The Divine.  Words and the mind are a very limiting and unsatisfying medium for sharing the almost paralyzing, exquisite nature of the experience.  Only the deepest aspects of my true nature can bathe in the vibration and light of this intensity, but that is Home.  Debriding the layers of mud and lint that the ego creates as obscurations are the pain.  The path is not fun, easy, or clear.  It is the absolute surrender to the unknown that is the process.  Moving to India and what followed was the first big step into the unknown and returning to the US with a new perspective was the second big step into the unknown.  "Let Go"  are the words that are constantly reminding me of how to move on the path.

Seeing friends, watching events from around the world, and observing myself in this environment are all providing insight into the transformation and the work ahead. As in India, there is no waiting or wavering.  Diving head first into the fire is the only way to keep moving through the rolodex of tests and examination of lesson opportunities.  The move back was like turning a piece of meat over on a grill--one side for India and one side for America.  The fire and the grill are the truth.  The internal pull to stabilize into the new awareness and go deep is still with me.  It is remarkable to be thrown into so many facets of humanity and not have fear of the two-legged now--not to mention the amazing new tool kit to recognize what they are talking about and at what depth.  The unfolding continues.

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