Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Climb

Symbolic Mountain, actually this is a volcano in New Zealand.
*Destination concept known.

*Observation plan in place. It involves a lot of mental discipline, but I am up for the challenge after spending a few hours in the old paradigm. No going back, no matter how arduous! Found another peacock feather while walking and it brought a nice reminder of keeping the focus on the Divine vibration every step. I got to see how undisciplined and distracted the mind is. Giggle.

*Go. After my suggestion of adding a fourth face to my list of places to live from, (living in alignment with the face we have for Source and not just family, friends, and business), a discussion about design and capacity followed. The climb I am setting in place is challenging, but it is the only way to become free of pain--prompted a head nod. He wanted to know my plan of action. Each person's capacity and design is different for the climb, so this is in alignment with my design and the two bucket system appears to be a useful part of it, so far.

If you had asked me four years ago that this is what the climb would look like, I would have stared in disbelief. The ego is trying to tell me I have lost my mind and verging on some sort of madness while my heart-mind is crushed and inconsolable if I don't stay to the new plan. Gurudev said there was a possibility I could stabilize in all of this eventually. Light at the end of the tunnel? Now, I have a system, but not an actual detailed map. Details will come from the daily walk and listening to the inner voice/vibration. Nothing really new, just a more single-pointed focus.

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