Sunday, November 8, 2015

Perception Walk

Not sure what bird of prey this is, but fun to see yet another new animal.

I pass them almost everyday and they stopped to ask for a photo. Now I know who is collecting cow dung in the hills.

Part of the road crew on their day off? Fun to be asked to take photos for fun and no money requested. The group of men, women, and children offered me breakfast.

I have wondered how they work on these walls...Creative anchoring process.
One job that would never suit me given my experiences just walking on the walls.
What you find in someone's backyard--drying cow dung or...
...dung producers/water buffalo...
sleeping pigs...
Getting a piece of horse training equipment stitched after it was pulled apart in Hungary.
There wasn't anyone in Budapest, so I thought of these guys. In minutes he had it repaired. Now it will be ready to use back in California.
Store on wheels.
Artisan at work.

Napping camel.
New street lights to go along with the new roads.
It will be interesting to see the final result.
The walk is a kaleidoscope. Everyday could be hundreds of new shots. A glance in a door at a small factory, a shrine, someone preparing a meal, getting one's hair cut. ..The aliveness is incredible. I know that I will never blend in here, but it is nice to move without constant begging and so on. They are getting use to me on some level, so I am left alone more and more to enjoy what is.

Sitting in the ashram is intense. It is a kaleidoscope of an inward nature.

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