Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Living A Giant, Extended Birthday Blessing

Reverse walked a loop. Up the hill instead of down.
What better birthday present is there then being in the presence of Gurudev? People have somehow remembered my birthday, which always amazes me, and hope I do something nice to celebrate. I pondered that for a few seconds, "I am living one giant, extended birthday blessing right now!" Happy 51 years to me! Jai Guru.

The weather is fantastic right now.
Walking by this regularly and wondering about how to climb up for the view. Today was the day!!! More walking ideas. Incredible view and quiet. Chatted with the resident Baba, bonus!

More walking ideas.

Nothing new on my bucket list, but to deepen into this new inner place. Nice point of reflection to acknowledge the fullness of my life. Linking my city and nature walk brought home the life of familiar faces, but we share only a word or two: hello or good morning:  the road crew are living in their simple tents just 2 minutes from my door and were jumping up and down waving to say good morning as I started the walk (sweet), checked with the shop owner on exchange rates, passed the gentleman who cleans the ashram on his bike headed to work, there is the man who has a chair and mirror for cutting hair, the man who carries water in plastic bags hanging from his motorcycle to give water to the birds at the top of the hill, the couple who feeds the birds, the man with the van who brings water for the birds in buckets, the Baba who feeds and waters the wild birds, the walking group, the men heading to work on their elephants, the men heading the other direction to work on their camels, the runner, the men on the water truck, the man sweeping the road, the man picking up plastic bottles, the women herding goats, the... I wonder if they would all be so friendly if I wasn't a white woman walking? Incredible evolution to have each of these beings stir my heart with a simple friendly exchange. What a teaching to see how we can all change and grow to accept one another. Nothing but kindness offered and received.

Nice to read about the interfaith group gatherings in the U.S. trying to break down the misunderstandings and separation between Christians and Muslims. 

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