Monday, November 16, 2015

Inner Loop

Climbing up the ladders of knowledge, devotion, and/or service gets one to Oneness from the outside, but how to go into the newly deconstructed abstract configuration? Now the meditation part is REALLY making sense. I know there was a conversation in the past on whether or not one could get to the ultimate state without going inward and the answer was no. The inward work is an incredible mystery to me, but it is like some high-tech microwave, reprogramming, repatterining system (a refinement from the divine carwash). Grace in physics or better yet, physics in Grace.

Living by the fourth face has created a definite new inner loop: mind quiet, presence in Sue’s limited version of Divine energetic awareness, devotion. The devotion part has always been very foreign and problematic with most of my exposure to worshipping things and not an inner sense of the truth. Also, there is a lot of bad behavior generated from devotion around money baskets, control, and subjugation. I have been asking for clarification on this point, so I could go deeper. Another shift has shown me the limitless, unconditional, no strings attached, purity for the sake of love itself state. Zero lint on the love screen. Wow, I am hooked now. Something got chipped away as an unnecessary belief from childhood that love always has a limit too. 

I climbed up to one of my favorite temples today. I found out it was a Shiva temple and I met the resident spiritual person, bonus! 

Fact check on my new loop got a yes and a head nod, but with clarification, “There is no mastery of it.” This immediately help to clear up a deep suspicion I had that if my ego got involved in that new inner loop, it would limit access to the place behind the mind, which I can only express as grace. If one is looking for something containable, black and white, and exteriorly managed, this new awareness is not going to be satisfying. Peace requires self discipline, a spiritual heart, no expectations, and a consciousness of how interconnected we are. Beirut, Paris, and more are evidence for the need for inner transformation. 

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