Thursday, November 12, 2015

Red Rocks

I wonder how you pick a particular rock when there are so many to choose from?
Meditating has never been something that I had an interest to do, but I now understand the importance of it in this inner journey. A lot happens in those quiet moments! Hints and concepts for how to work with the mind while living one’s daily life are life changing. The trials of putting them into effect have been a joy and a challenge. There have been moments of touching something behind the activity of the mind that are treasured but fleeting. In a recent lesson, the mind in its normal way became inactive and all that was left was calmness and a love that I associate with the spiritual heart. Every doubt, fear, or question fell away. A new land, but what a simple, beautiful place to live from. The outer world is fun, but the single-pointed focus of meditating to know this new world more completely is all encompassing. I would like to live from this simple, beautiful place if possible. Is this our True Nature? The world would be very different if we all knew about this on a personal level. Books and teachings try, but reading about chocolate and tasting it are very different. Turning left onto the spiritual path is making more and more sense.

Look at the baby rocks too...
Gurudev was explaining about the origin of the rocks I see that are painted red. How beautiful that people respect and worship nature at this level! As a child, I would have been a part of that tribe while growing up with the forest behind the house and the animals as my best friends.

The celebration for Diwali started early and continues. Incredible chorus of firecrackers night and day. Even though I am focusing on meditation, it is fun to witness and experience the festivities too.

I always smile when I see these trees. Part of my walk.

One of the places I practice sitting with the peacocks. The horse is there sometimes too. Nice reminder of home. 
Prefer clippers, but second attempt at shaving my head without any bloodshed this time! Progress and fun!

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