Monday, November 9, 2015

Living From The Fourth Face

Observations while living from the fourth face, as a renunciate in my heart, and with a developing single-pointed focus on Source. The diminishment of attachments comes from not what one does, but from what face one lives from. The outward manifestation always starts from within—consciously or unconsciously. The outer perception is what is always tugging at the ego. While offering to renounce the world, it is given back with love. Walking from the inner heart as a sadhu even when not moving. The heart is felt, the mind digests. Words are limiting even when spoken from a Master. I better understand Gurudev’s wisdom and encouragement to ask Source—the true conversation can only come from within. Learning more about the differences between wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom is satisfying to the heart, but not always to the mind.

Gratitude for more separation from the insanity plan. Tears were the outer manifestation. Pranam for the beauty of what was unveiled. Stillness without a charge, but also without limits.

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