Saturday, November 21, 2015


Not sure what these are all about, but the wall was staged with them all the way to my start point for running.

Thank you Universe for submerging me in the inner stillness during my early practice of sitting. I am not sure I would have ever been able to quiet my mind enough to discover it in the systematic way of meditation. Now I can find my way by reining in the incessant thinking machine, but it involves discipline. Realizing the modern world of smartphones and checking them obsessively is no different then my mind wanting to go to thoughts. It is all relative.

Interesting to observe the start of thought and how quickly it can move to an opinion if not given a reminder. More fun to watch this as an observer instead of getting caught in it unconsciously.

The outer world was pushing me towards the inner world and now the inner world is pulling me whenever I leave. Incredible to realize the option is always available 24/7. Sounds are piercing at the moment, but something is shifting to allow me to be in the inner state without the extreme sensitivity to the outer state. Is it a more balanced being state emerging? Continuous adjustments to the scaffolding removal.

Fitness level coming along more quickly then expected. Should be able to comfortably run to the top of the hill in two weeks. If nothing unexpected happens, I will be fit enough for making the transition back to work without stress.

The weather has been absolutely lovely this past week. The innerness and outerness state are complimenting one another on all levels.

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