Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Xmas In India

Xmas in India.  Could it get any better than to sit in the presence of a Spiritual Master? Isn't the Holy Spirit the essence of Christmas?

Couldn't figure out why I have been examining acting and how an actor can bring "life" to a character or just be the character.  Now, I understand on my twisted path, we all are actors in varying degrees.  "Life" to our character emerges as we touch the authenticity of our True Nature.  All of my descriptions of mud hut, lint, scratchiness, etc. have been this state of acting or separation from living in alignment to spirit.   Most of us don't know we are acting until an awareness of another channel tunes in.  Is it possible to be in a form and not take on some acting skills?  Nothing new that I am saying and hasn't been said for thousands of years, just the timing of my unfolding and why the path appears to keep spiraling back to "the Self."  When in doubt, u-turn to "Self."

It would have been impossible for me to gain this understanding without witnessing a form that is "different" than the rest of the human club.  Are there other "different" forms inhabiting the planet?  I would guess yes, but not many.  We the masses represent all of the variations in between.  Now that it is clear without negotiation that the answers are inward, it takes a lot of expectation and pressure off the outer world needing to provide any of the solutions.  Sit down and enjoy the movie!  Jai Guru!

Will this become the new reality over lifetimes?

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