Thursday, December 5, 2013

Next Container, Next Homework Assignment?

A homework assignment rising?

The marvel of human homework.  Baggage check-in closed, but they let me on the plane any way.  On to India.

Next homework assignment?

To be in a wake state viewing Mt. Cook and have a sense of the star-filled sky which Pahari Baba graced in a past meditation was almost paralyzing, but it also showed a great chasm where my heart needs to grow.  Being in the presence of most two-leggeds with that sense--not just the inner circle. The concept is in my mind, but the depth in my heart has not appeared. Slowly, I learn there is no difference in states, no point of separation, and the potential distortions my mind wants to create. It will be interesting to gain perspective on my blind spots by stepping into such a vastly different culture in India.

Details of the car accident finished, body recovery has a check mark that is manageable, horse well healed, room in California packed up, horse homework for friends/clients in place, nothing left on the to do list, but sit, absorb, and marvel at the presence of a remarkable spiritual guide.

Thank you for the love and support of friends and family as the next leg of the journey continues. Team effort mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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