Saturday, December 21, 2013

Touching Beyond The Human Capacity

I have said to myself that if I traveled to India and saw Gurudev for only 5 minutes that it would be worth it.  There is no doubt in my heart or my mind after seeing him today. Will I ever stop being stunned by his humble, kind, thoughtful, loving presence?  The small kind actions with such single-pointed intention of service (I should be serving him!!), the thoughtful inquiry for comfort/wellness, and the ease of someone lovingly welcoming one into his house.  His energetic presence is like drinking in a mysterious energetic elixir that has no health hazards or warning labels, but produces interior transformation beyond anything imaginable.

If my entire life was meant to touch only a moment of this awareness--it was worth every lump and bump along the journey. To witness to someone in a form that has this capacity--staggering...stunning...awesome... could be a few adjectives that would fall short. The magnificence of the mystery and how much gratitude could ever be enough.  Touching beyond the human capacity.

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