Monday, December 30, 2013

And What Teacher Reduces Your Homework?

Walking between two rows of giant, living animals that are sandwiched between two fortress walls, in a narrow walkway... hmmm very cool, but possibly not very sensible.  I like touching the edge.

I had forgotten this part, I try to assign myself homework and Gurudev reduces it.  I was checking in on my approach to living, learning, and the integration of the two.  Lots of head nods, good approach, and yes, while in India it is okay just to focus on going more inward.  How simple.  I don't have to try and ladle from both buckets other than the basics of living.  Wow, how cool is that!  "Just enjoy the process." was the suggestion.  "Don't get confused by the reading and know that each person's path is unique."  Sue's interpretation, "Hands off the steering wheel. Let Go. Why are you trying to hang on?"

How can one not enjoy the inward process?  Living inwardly with animals has always been a source of peace.  It has only been when I tried to figure out the two-legged state of being that pain was initiated.  Of course that led to examining myself as the vehicle for examining others--slippery slope 101!  Sitting in the inward state in the ashram is like you landed in some edgeless pool of exquisite vibration that leaves you catatonic.  You keep wondering how you can drown more fully in it and if you really ever need to return to any outward state.   And this is my only homework assignment?

Gurudev shared his new exercise program (60 minutes a day) and the equipment he uses.  The bar is high for humanity now.  If a 70 plus year old Spiritual Master is incorporating a workout program into his already busy schedule--there are no excuses.  Nice to know with the advent of my personal training certification.

How to urinate while walking your camel.
Exercise, fresh air, unsupervised, working meditation--next job as a street sweeper. 

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