Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Photo Addiction

Sun stirring

I guess there could be a worse addiction then looking for beauty through the lens of a camera.  It is a nice sensitization of the eyes. The upgraded Cannon continues to amaze me--going from 5x to 20x--and still the same size.

(short video below)

Always amused by the diversity walking down the street (or running.)  It isn't every day that one jogs by water buffalo, camels, horses, dogs, pigs, monkey, elephants, donkeys, birds, and more in one loop.

Zero to one hundred.  One minute I am looking at a room for 2,500 rs a month and a few minutes later a room for 10,000 rs. a night.  AMAZING view from the top of the new hotel next to the Trident.

The life process is emerging.  I forgot about the morning rituals ringing through the air.

Fun to be starting the morning run and bump into the group of orange robed beings from the ashram walking down the hill, (minus Gurudev of course.)

Nice having the straykitten come running under my legs as I type--scared us both...

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