Thursday, December 12, 2013


Morning walk,  Jaipur before sunrise
Simplification means spending more time with the self as the insanity plan.  And why does one really sign up for this?  How to become more acutely aware of the nonsense plan and how the mind likes to create one.  The 101 ways to create separation. Pulling out the mantra, "Bring It On."  Just how crazy can it get before pulling out into distraction?

Walking in darkness with fear this morning--nice to get to know the rawness of that emotion as well.  The depth of layers that women hold in the relationship to violation is staggering.  It is palpable in India.  Interesting line between the strength, bravery, and protection men can provide and the other side.  Examining all of the edges, but with a desire to be at peace and not war.

Nice distraction to run with the sun.

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