Saturday, June 30, 2012

Reflections From The Past

Revisiting threads from the past appears to be a way to examine attachments, lint, work, progress, or however I perceive the view.  What happens when a person, place, or event from the past is experienced from the current perspective?  Lots of that process was placed on the examination table while on the trip to Southern California.  One of the horses who was part of my darkest point in the horse training process was Dillon.  A friend and I rescued him from a situation where he was confined, had severe foot problems, and behavior issues.  He was a very stubborn, willful horse, but did I take the training too far with what I asked and in a brutal way?  He also lead me be back to a layer of looking at international competition as a possibility and the "reality" of that world.  The pain from my experience with him is what eventually lead me to India and he found a home as a vaulting horse where he is loved and treasured.  We both found a way to a "better" place, so was the path appropriate?  There are no answers appears on the radar, but an opportunity to learn and grow towards compassion/love.

Thank you Dillon!!

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