Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Inner Wordless Realm

As I turned from taking a last look at my horse while he contently munched his dinner, I felt that deep inner sense of peace that I experience while unobscured from the alignment with the Divine.  Was this a sign?  A conformation of the decision to heal the "horse wound" and open to some form of service in the bridge between two and four-leggeds?  Or was it the residual of tonight's ride experienced from the right side of my brain?  With no pressure or expectation to perform or create, I have been sinking into the pure beauty of the shared presence.

As I start to shift internally in preparation for giving an aid, I feel Jaz matching the shift in preparation to respond to the aid.  All of it subtle, internal, and without outward action--a remarkable experience.  Communication from the interior.  I reflected on Gurudev's remarks that the lessons would come from within--without words.  More gratitude for the teachings and preparation for deeper awareness as shared from the wordless realm of the horse.

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