Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Gap Veil

While living in India, I was often drowning in the gap or the space of consciousness.  Upon returning to California, I have been able to find or recreate the gap, but the challenge has been how to live in the gap. I have been questioning the reality of living in it full time and functioning in society.  Is it possible has been the latest question on the docket.  With some insightful and wise sharing from Bhavani, it appears possible.  My sense is that I am in it until something appears to call or distract me out of it.  I will then evaluate the separation and hopefully skillfully find my way back into the gap.  The "keeping life on hold" while I prepare to go back to India and tentatively plan on another 6 months away has been nagging on my responsibility to engage in life as a "good-respectable" Westerner.  Yet another veil uncovered-the gap veil.

My internal sense of the Divine hasn't missed a beat, but somehow taking action as the form has been holding out from the full commitment to the gap.  A misalignment between the inner and outer perception of being.  The interesting part has been the evolution of living in this new state of being while the obscurations from my true self are continually examined and removed.  A game of hide and seek?  I have been made aware of the underlying fabric of limitlessness where the Divine pervades the whole and thus springs forth in every nuance of being.  It must be a holdout from my ego that is trying to draw me back into my old patterns of doing without being as the underlying state of all action.  

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