Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Clean Bill Of Health--Ready To Go

Dental and wellness check--all good.  Ready to hit the road again. All the puzzle pieces are falling into place, visiting a lot of people (family, friends, north, south, past, present...)  My heart rate was at a new record low, so I will credit the Insanity Program for that.  The horse past feels healed and I have a plan for the future if that is the direction.  Fun to teach a little bit.  The new Selfseeds fitness program I have been developing has been approved by a sport's therapist, BUT with a huge warning for the potential injuries if someone isn't fit and core aware. (She called it the Sue Insanity Plan.)  Launching the PhoenixEQ website for international horse sales.  Dipping into a few other new areas as well.

All of it feels like dabbling until I return to The Master's feet.

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