Friday, June 8, 2012

Eye To Eye With A Lint Ball

For whatever remarkable reason it appears that I can hear and reproduce singing sounds without my left side of the brain and with accuracy.   The years of projecting my voice across an arena with the usual outdoor enhancements (birds, wind, etc.) and an above average degree of fitness both appear to be helping too. I was able to receive positive comments about my singing without twitching and retreating, so serious progress is being made in the singing department.  Technique is a start.

The bar goes up, I am asked to include emotion.  That request immediately took me back to that fateful moment when as a child I embellished a phrase of Jingle Bells and got in trouble.  I was eye to eye with a lint ball.  Now what?  I didn't think I could sing and cry simultaneously, but I was encouraged to give it a try. For goodness sake, I had been naked in India, so this should be easier.

It took me to that raw, unveiled state of just being an outline in the vastness of the Divine. Sitting in the ashram had generated this state before.  The outline was created from the action of being something that was doing something--even if it was "being the hollow reed" for the vibration of sound to resonate outwardly. It was a stunning excavation of Absolute Truth.  It was such a remarkable example of how the One is always so near--the Divine Fabric.

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