Monday, March 28, 2011

New hotel location

New hotel. Crazy what quality you can find for $25.00 a night: breakfast, Wifi, air conditioning, clean sheets, balcony, doorman, electricity, and running water. What else does a person need?

Moved closer to the Ashram (only 20 minute walk instead of an hour and twenty), so I can go back to the hotel in between meditation. Meditation times: 11-1 and 5-9. Met someone at the ashram who teaches yoga at the local hotels, so I plan to meet with him at 6 am to do and learn yoga for an hour each morning. The teacher is a disciple of Gurudev and learned yoga from him. Continuing to be amazed by this experience and the experiences within.

There are plans for me to see the horse world in Jaipur--soon. They have the horses with the curved ear tips. Polo is popular. I left my riding clothes at the Grandview Bed & Breakfast in South Africa where I will be staying, (my new family in South Africa), before heading back to San Diego.

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