Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another day of observing and learning

The obvious and interesting part of traveling is that every minute is new and unique. Just figuring out how to buy bananas, how much to pay, and how to bargain. Taking the bus or bargaining with a rickshaw driver is all new and challenging. Made it to my first day of yoga at 6:30. The city is cool and "quiet" at this time. Ashram by 11:00. Hiked up a steep hill that is across from the Ashram. There is a very small shrine and spectacular view (photos.) It felt great to climb and do something physical. On the other side of the hill, I had a flashback of South Africa--quiet with only the sound of birds. Bumped into a woman herding her goats and collecting sticks on my way down. We were both surprised, but she was friendly. Scoping out my other places to hike. Back to the ashram for more spiritual intensity. There is a spiritual family tree, so learning about this and all the other aspects of hinduism. Gurudev is a humble saint. Experiencing one in the flesh is quite humbling and interesting: hearing all of the stories and people's personal experiences is fascinating. Headed out to the Ganesha Temple afterwards which is up a serious bunch of stairs. India won the semifinals in cricket, so the town went crazy with fireworks.

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