Wednesday, October 14, 2015

River Crossing

Waiting for the car ferry to cross the river.
Interesting to have brought a book along about Nineteenth Century horse training and the author, Baucher, was looking at the same issues of humane training, examination of the human component from a humanist perspective, and the voice of the horse. The circle of life and history. I was also examining different calendar systems: yugas, ages, years, and so on. All appear historically to be an overlapping flow with different clothing, habits, land masses, leaders, etc. Fun to examine the path of the ancient mystics vs. the modern mystics.

What really is next? Honestly, my only interest is to fly closer to the flame. The irony that outwardly, most would not see or understand this part of my journey. The blog has been my unveiling of self and sharing of the falling down and standing up.

Itinerary developing for Nador to fly to Los Angeles on the 27th of October. Direct flight from Amsterdam to LAX with a three day quarantine. Lots of paperwork, blood exams etc. for a horse to move overseas. The rain is almost daily, so my riding time is finished, but we stopped at a good point. I hope he travels safely and without reverting to his wild nature. Wish I could be his personal attendant, but there are professionals in place.

Tentatively, one more sale horse to look at. Lovely to spend time with a horse enthusiasts who has shared 30 years of the journey with me internationally. The walks have been delightful and fun to experience the colors of autumn. The mouse situation is challenging at times, with one running across my face this morning. I have learned that they use electrical cords as ladders, so challenging to try and restrict their movement. I think I am living in their house!

Our turn.
The river.

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