Thursday, October 29, 2015


Heavy rain meant clean, clean air. Wonderful morning run with such breathable air. Found out my water heater still works, so as the temperature changes, warm bucket bath option—fist pump. Also discovered what time the clean water comes, so clean water for the bath too. I am not sure if white skin is as resilient to the native water. I usually have to fend off a skin rash with pills after a month, so maybe the clean water will help. Struck by a car while walking, at least it was only the side mirror from behind, so it folded up. Salad has been added to the already nutritious, safe, tasty food for the ashram lunch.

Fitness reboot is going well. Walking 3 plus hours on alternating days. Other day, run, kickboxing video, core strengthening, and weights. Just walking and running was not enough to keep me in shape for riding, so valuable lesson in Hungary.

Beginning to understand how this “very strange path" is actually the way out of the insanity plan. I have looked at self-Koolaid, but that is the ego at work. My ego is losing to the spiritual lotto my soul feels like it has won. The question of worthiness is shifting to just accepting the beauty of what is. I cannot see the bigger picture, so just trust and walk with gratitude.

Cultural gaps have limited my understanding of Source and the path from the eastern view point. I have since realized the information is available through reading, but meeting and experiencing a truly awakened human is very powerful.

Nice full circle to there are no answers for what is God--says the wiseman in the orange robe. Only a wiseman would not have an answer. We discussed concepts. Fun! How he remembers the rolodex of concepts we have discussed during the past four years is amazing too. I must have a list with check marks attached to my plasma sack. Thank you Universe for providing a Ramakrishna in modern times... I could die today and say thank you for my life! Jai Guru!

Nador made it to California. If no temperature, he will be released from quarantine on Thursday morning to head to his temporary home for two months. Must be bizarre for a horse to fly on an airplane.

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