Wednesday, October 7, 2015

English As A Second Language

It is always refreshing to teach where English is a second language. It encourages me to slow down, pick words carefully, and study the interpretation of the recipient more completely. I feel the recipient is also acutely listening for clues and points of understanding. For horses, humans are a second language, so I see the gap and the bridge.

Where has the time gone that now I am old enough to help professionals half my age. Teaching and riding are almost interchangeable in my enjoyment of both. Although, I am really having fun riding my horse!
One of the four ranch dogs
Winter is approaching
Nador: Comfortable wearing two humans. Moving forward with willingness. Starting lateral seat aids to later help with straightness. Very intelligent and quick to learn. Have to remember how untrained he actually is. Still notices many details of the human astride--hat change etc. He appears to like the human voice and contact. Enjoying working with him twice a day. 

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