Sunday, October 25, 2015

Perfect Human

My questions about orientation to time measurement, spiritual interpreters from the past, modernization of the spiritual path, and role of self in all of it were fact checked. My favorite part is when Gurudev adds to my fact check. I was examining if my true purpose is to try and know my self fully as Source. Our design is to move towards being a perfect human, but what is that? And is it possible? Who is judging? The human group below or the Divine side above? Nice questions Gurudev! After sitting with this for a while, I asked if Ramakrishna was an example of a perfect human. From the human viewpoint no and it is probably impossible to be perfect from the human viewpoint. From the Divine’s viewpoint, probably because the construction of thoughts and where the mind lives is the biggest qualifier. His thoughts were almost unwavering on the Divine.

Spiritual Seeker 101 question was prompted by spiritual reading where most write about seeking Self. Gurudev’s current thinking helped to clarify the levels of purity and the path to Absolute Love. I know there is a big gap between where I sit and the now clarified end point, but I see my life devoted to trying to walk in that direction. I have often felt a state of what my ego is considering to be madness in this pursuit, but I am starting to see this is another point to overcome. Culturally, American materialism doesn’t really support this devotional path, but I am getting use to turning left while most are turning right. I was raised in the right turn, it brought me to Gurudev, so I am finding new answers in the left turn. The path continues to narrow, obstacles continue to show up, but the state of inner joy is irrefutable. Gurudev used the picture I brought him to discuss the opening in this moment of what I observed in the outer world and felt as insight into the perfect human’s state. Nice fact check. I brought him this picture, because it resonated such a deep sense of expansive beauty when I took it. I see how musicians, poets, writers, photographers, and more are trying to express this felt sense, but expression will always be limited.

Part of the obstacle course to Absolute Love is working with all of the challenges of the outer world. The outer world is Absolute Love too, but the mind’s perception is what causes separation.

It feels like in three days I have covered more spiritual ground then the past six months. The Gurudev factor is so amazing! It is always interesting to see if my mind and body can keep pace with what is offered for transformation. Ashram food for nutrition is highly valued. As the path narrows, the cracks into the expansiveness become larger. Staying true to one’s own path is a challenge too. People are frequently asking me about my practice of Kriya or breathing or meditation or… and but my path appears to be nature, animals, and Gurudev. It is like looking at a mountain top above the cloud layer, being aware of a destination, having the best guide on the planet available for support, but no idea what the actual journey is going to look like.

Nador begins his journey to America. I wish I could have gone with him, but I will just have to try and support him energetically instead. He ended up having a friend in the trailer and has made it to Germany. Next stop the airport in Amsterdam.

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