Saturday, October 31, 2015

Go Observe Destination

The beauty of abstraction
I googled God. Wow, lot’s of options. I better understand the “no answer” and to examine the discussion of God through concepts. Gurudev did offer a definition to me regarding God:  Go Observe Destination. Bonus fact check!

Earlier in the morning while walking, I had decided not to change what I am already doing, since there was no new, clear path to take. I was going to continue with the approach I have been using of listening interiorly, observing the information, and keeping my heart open for making changes and taking action.

Sitting for a day with the new definition feels like the barn doors just opened again. I was using the practice today and enjoying the shift in my life approach! The beauty of a true Master is in his teaching for each of us as individuals, so we can grow in the way we need to.

Shades of Grey
Only a walker would get excited about new lines on the road defining space!

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