Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To My Knees In Surrender

It is always about facing the internal fire.  No running away, closing the door, or disregarding something that is touching my heart so deeply--the animal world.  How many times do I need to circle back to this spot without a solution?  At a point of absolute surrender, not unlike the states of pre-fracturing, I entered the stillness.  From the stillness came Selfseeds.  I had been mentally moving it in the direction of purely the humans in search of personal management, but why not let it sprout in the equestrian realm.  The place it grew out of and see what happens.  An offering to be of service in some capacity.  It is Sue who is being resistant--not my heart and soul.

(Just finished this video introducing the Selfseeds program before I dove into the stillness.)

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