Thursday, May 17, 2012

A New Outer Garment

The walk down the driveway.
Experiencing life without an exoskeleton is already becoming ok.  The removal of the hard, impenetrable surface feels like it has been replaced with a transparent, flexible body contoured sheath--not unlike the mantel I felt I was wearing for a period of time in the ashram.  Before when I would become aware of the grace of Absolute Love, I would experience it as a penetration of my heart, but now it uniformly ignites my entire body.  It is showing up as a state of being and it appears to be socially acceptable outer wear.

An edge of the pond.
The Maple Tree with its new growth lining the driveway.
An algae bloom on the pond.
The Canadian Geese on the walk to bring the horses in.
So simple and so elegant...

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