Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pulled Into The Pain Center Again

The pain from the horse/animal world drove me to look for answers with the two-leggeds.  I have more understanding and compassion now, but realize it is still an insane/unconscious world that I won't be fixing anytime soon.  Continuing to work with the less than square-atom of real estate that I take up, but less and less desire to step back into the animal world.  I ran across another Totilas story that is very close to home and I realized that I have lost my momentum for swimming upstream against the stream of unconsciousness around animals without a voice.  I can do my part by being conscious in the areas that I touch directly, but does that really mean living and breathing it?  It feels like a bit of a break to just deal with the insanity of the two-legged world minus the animals.  The "no" column is getting clearer.  Teaching would be the only way it could make sense if I was meant to stay linked.  I have been examining my potential separation from the horse community from many angles.  Something is starting to shift at a very, very deep level--the place where I experience the penetration of Absolute Love.

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