Friday, May 11, 2012

Removal Of The Exoskeleton

The points of "extreme" surrender appear to be the acid washing of the lint screen rather than just taking the garden hose to it.  Another noticeable adjustment to what has unfolded is the alignment to truth in the spoken and written word. I have always been truthful, but somehow the refinement of the truth-meter has created a greater awareness of resonance in every point of communication--or in more simplistic terms, I appear to be holding myself accountable at a more refined level.

One of the recent energetic experiences was as if the grace was raining down from the sky in a penetrating deluge--the dump trucks already appear to be outdated.

I have had the urge to revisit my singing phobia as a way to challenge my "letting go"/operation without judgement/ego in an area that has a lot of history.  While I was trying it out, I recognized that I was holding back and separating from the commitment to the sound, but when I aligned to the vibration it produced a stream of tears that isn't very useful for creating sound.  It was as if I had debrided my entire physical being and now outwardly I was exposed as my inner truth.  Sort of like the shrimp and turtles in the BP oil spill who now have no exoskeleton, but without the environmental impact.  A new state of being is somehow unfolding.

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