Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Different View

View from the second floor--early morning

View of the house from the backyard
Yet another adventure.  House-sitting is always an adventure and it was lovely to experience such beauty in the landscape, quietness of a house without neighbors, and the animals.  I was reminded of their communication from within, (no words needed), unconditional love, and connection to presence.  I now understand why Gurudev kept making reference to the remarkable teaching that came from living and listening to the animal world.  At this point, I still feel drawn to take a continued break from the horse training world and explore more deeply this new awareness of the Divine.

As I retrace my earlier path, meet with friends/relatives, and open to the new unfolding, I marvel at the inner freedom and change in capacity for compassion, patience, and stillness.  There is no need to run, hide, or retreat when recognizing that all is part of the One. While being with this new capacity, I continue to open and trust the unknown and the not knowing.  The vastness is staggering and creates a giggle to ripple through me at the thought that I was "in control."

Garden beauty

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