Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Veil

(Interesting to find this poem in a folder. I wrote it 12/5/2012--fun!)

The Veil

What is a veil?

Is it the enchanting orange robe of the Guru that keeps us from the mystery of what lies underneath?
Is it the endless patterns and colors of the woman's saris or flamenco dresses as dictated by the culture?
Or is it the veil of black with small touches of embellishment to shroud the underlying presence of the female?

How do veils act?

Do the veils create obscurations from truth, beauty, and love?
Do we live with our soul essence wrapped in the veil of humanness?
Do we seek the unveiling of our true nature?

Do we need a veil?

Is it otherwise overwhelming to behold the presence of the Divine?
Is it too much information to fully observe the Self?
Is it part of the play with colors, bangles, shapes, patterns, textures and more as the fun of personal decorations?
Or Is it less shocking to pick a shroud of fabric whether wrapped or tailored to infold our physical nature?

Do we wear the veil or put the veil over others?

What happens when the veil is lifted inwardly or outwardly?
Is the path to remove our personal veils of limitation, so we can live without judgement, condemnation, and pretense?
Or is the practice to accept, love, and have patience for others with veils?

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