Saturday, April 4, 2015

"Know Thy Self."

Upon returning to the Ashram there was no doubt that I would get my next homework assignment or clarification on one in progress, so how lovely to experience the three point system I was in contact with on my other visits:

1. Sit in inquiry to Pahari Baba and the Divine Genealogy while questioning a way to work with moving through an obscuration.

2. Walk, read, and live with the Voice's suggestion while I worked out what I needed to let go of in order to synchronize with the new unveiling.

3. Clarification and fact check with Gurudev after it was simplified to a few sentences.

The challenges of the cultural differences was underlining a limit in my evolution. I began to ask why this challenge was really any different then any other challenge and I realized that it wasn't. Only my ego and mental construction playing up. My inquiry was based on this observation, so I asked if I was overlooking something. The reply was to stay focused on seeking Divine Nature. What a relief to get to sink into the exquisite nature of what continues to unfold as a deeper felt sense of self.  Fact checked my self imposed homework assignment of continued self examination relative to the every expanding inner awareness when disturbed by something on one of the three planes of awareness--until I leave this body.  Head nod and wisdom, "Know Thy Self."

There didn't really appear to be another way, since the only view point I can know is through my self, so the limitation has to exist within. Thankfulness for the growing inner joy and peace.  Lesson post wisdom: turbo joy was opened up just as I was about to go to irritation. An amazing teaching to experience such heart opening joy while the mind and body are entering disturbance mode. Grace! These markers are what significantly show me another possibility. The mind is so out voted that it can only sit stammering silently in the background while the heart is in deluge state.

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