Monday, April 13, 2015

Priority Order

Cooling off

Now I better understand what I have been doing for the past six years--moving the concept of God ahead of money on the life list. God represents Absolute Truth and Love, so each person has his or her version of how that is represented. There does appear to be a consensus at a higher level that Absolute Truth and Love are the common vibrations of Oneness. How a person gets to this recognition is labeled spirituality, but what that means to each person is unique. One person may weed a garden, another herd a flock of sheep, someone else reads texts and so on.

My life path just got simplified by Gurudev. There is a recognition that I have moved the God concept to number one, so now to return to the work force and start working on the number two concept, money. If I feel like reading something inspiring fine, if I feel like meditating okay, but use the energetics from the meditation as a guide point for living from this new order. Live with childlike inner joy and peace, pick a job that supports this awareness (okay that is easy—horses), and go for it! Life will have challenges, but my priorities appear to be in order.

1. God
2. Money

Religious graffiti on random granite

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