Sunday, April 5, 2015


Wall walking

Nothing better then some walk walking to sort out the inner discord. I see it now, complacency has arisen from living in a less challenging environment and not having access to a physical manifestation of fully realized Divinity. The blindspot of complacency was brought out and the wisdom of Gurudev's first words to me, "I don't teach Satsang. The teaching is done interiorly." The inquiry of my blindspot was from a conditioned response to my own inner journey, what is needed, and the Voice. Gurudev's fully realized resonance of Absolute Truth and Love provides a reflection for examining the Self in a remarkable way. I can better understand how preaching and teaching are aiding in providing information, insight, and wisdom but the work is still the knowing thy Self. Nice validation for how important these visits are for my soul's evolution. Jai Guru!

Falling down and standing up are so cool! 

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