Thursday, April 23, 2015

Small Moments Of Kindness

Grace from the ashram birthday
I have often wondered it there would be a day in the presence of Gurudev that I didn’t need something. Today was the day. I was just sitting, enjoying the new basic state, his presence, and the relaxed stillness without being in a spiritual coma. No questions were brewing and it felt amazing not to feel the need to disturb him and just be.

He was looking at me and asks, “Isn’t your room hot?”
I smile and nod. “I have a fan.”
He comments, “But a fan doesn’t help with the heat.”
I smile and nod.
He asks me about getting an air conditioner.
I smile and say that it isn’t necessary.
He asks about how I am managing in the heat and can I get a restful night of sleep.
I smile and say it is sometimes challenging, but at least I have a fan and there are many of others who don’t.
He pauses, smiles, and agrees. He closes his hands, bows his head, and kindly acknowledges me for my state of renunciation.

In the past, I probably would have been in tears for hours from his kindness from such a pure spiritual being, but this time I was quiet and thankful as a human receiving a moment of kindness. It was unexpected, it was not required, he is VERY busy with much more important life details, but it showed an awareness of my state of living. Usually, we only have discussions about the spiritual path and the state of inner being.

What a teaching to be aware, kind, and thoughtful to who is around us in sometimes an exteriorized offering as well. 

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