Sunday, April 19, 2015

Guru "Powers"

Place of residence and the ashram.

Why am I so completely inebriated in his presence? Is it the state of realization that he lives in? Is it the nature of connecting to one’s soul genealogy?

He believes he has no powers. We may receive blessings from Source, but we are each truly the only opening to our True Nature.

Why don’t I sense this energetic vibration in any of the other Gurus and robed beings who pass through the ashram?  “99% of gurus think they are giving the power and/or they possess the power to give.” Ah yes, the point of obscuration from the ego. Gurudev’s purity is why I have spent everyday in a spiritual coma. To be in the presence of an unobscured state of living Grace. “99% of the people who come to the ashram come to feel better, not for spiritual purposes."

I think I was doing a Koolaid check and there wasn’t even a fraction of a hint of the road turning away from Source. Simplification again. The deeper one knows one’s Self, the rules don’t change. No hands needed on the stirring wheel. Let Go! still applies.

The mind tries to dance with all of this information, but the heart goes to spiritual coma status. Yet another layer of separation incinerated. Pranam!!!

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