Sunday, December 13, 2015

True Self As Observed By A Scientist

Observations for staying connected consciously:

Being: Inner knowing without thought.
           Knowing with thought (thought is considered the beginning of form).

Doing: Knowing with action.

Observations of life cycle:

Born into a body

At some point depending on grace and destiny, one’ starts to become aware of one’s True Self as the Nature of Divinity, Absolute Love.

Stabilization in Absolute Love through some facet or combination of knowing, devotion, and/or service.

Liberation is knowing one’s True Self as Absolute Love. Knowing love from the perspective of Divinity instead of the human perspective. Human love has limits. Divine love is boundless, unconditional, universal, and devoid of attachment/suffering.

Newly paved road.
The self assigned homework of living from my growing but limited perspective of the vibration of Divinity has led me to this point. Fact checking brought up a great point by Gurudev, “How could one know how to love without being love first?”

I would like to be running and jumping around the ashram’s courtyard tree, but I will contain myself and just be internally grateful and ecstatic to understand and experience what I have been learning in the spiritual intensive in India. How would one ever hope to achieve this in a stable way without knowing someone who lives from this place? Pranam with my forehead on the ground for a month might be a reasonable start as a thank you! I wasn’t sure I could get through the fact check without tears, because of the beauty and freedom initiated by this new awareness.

Plenty of homework, but I better understand that my path to this realization has been through knowing, but I see examples of the beauty of service and devotion from people in the ashram. Love from the new perspective is inclusive. The limitless nature and that it isn’t personal changes the need for exclusion. Well, there are plenty of books on all this stuff and written by much more articulate people, so I will leave it at that for now. In awe of this new awareness is an understatement. The mind is speechless, but the ego isn’t feeling anxious about being downsized. Grateful to have a week with all of this before stepping away from the incubator.

All of my teachers.

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