Thursday, December 10, 2015


Openings and organized rock collections
It is as if you get to touch the sensory system below the nervous system while wide awake. Mine is thirsty and would like me to stay to drink for a long time in this very still, peaceful pool. The challenge is coming back out, all sounds are super exaggerated, and the nervous system is triggered by the sound sensitivity. Is it worth it--absolutely. Something at great depth is satiated like a good nights sleep while conscious. The mystery of it all.

I can better understand how renunciation (conceptual or literal) helps to get to this inner place and how it is supported as a result of this inner state. Chicken or the egg...

How the perception of the outer world is effected by the scaffolding removal is equally fun! I keep reflecting on the movie "The Matrix" and appreciating its' story line.

Special rock collections
Functional rock collections

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