Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Obstacle and Vehicle

Observing myself as both the obstacle and the vehicle while on the path. What a perfect design for the human evolution/insanity plan. The two bucket system just moved completely within my own design. I was looking at what stones to examine and discard from my net when this awareness evolved. I cannot throw out everything as the vehicle. I do remember Gurudev mentioning that we do need the body for this work.

Noticing the moment thought is engaging—separation from Oneness begins. I think I finally understand that the mind isn't the problem, it is what it does when it starts making judgements, comparisons, having unnecessary opinions and so on. Experiencing a thoughtless mind has allowed for this new perspective.

On my walk today, I was working with "disinterested love" (new word combination from the Sri Sarada Devi book I am currently reading) and being immersed in compassion in the most authentic way I know at this point. The peace and liberation came from the quiet mind. I could still think, observe, and so on, but the work from meditating gives me a new leash to work with. This is so fun!!

Plenty of homework!

Precious moments out and about:

As I came around the corner, I saw a man sitting with a pile of bright yellow food that was left on the side of the road for the animals at large. He was enjoying the food and was talking while eating. Who is to say that he isn’t some totally immersed renunciate thanking the Divine for the presence of food and abundance. Man side judgement or Divine side judgement? On my way back on the walk, the cows and birds were happily feeding from the same food pile, but the man was gone. 

Two little girls, no taller then the back of the human cart, were pushing their father or grandfather down the side of the road. We smiled at one another and I was walking with the heart touching moment when I looked up, a motorized rickshaw driver had his right foot out his side-door pushing the human cart down the road, the two girls were seated inside, and waving out the back to me as they zoomed by. Sweet!

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