Friday, December 4, 2015


A new park is going in where the plants are now.

If I were to set up an altar these would be the current contents for inspiration, growth, and stability:

1. blade of grass-humility and simplicity.

2. tree-stillness and acceptance.

3. animals sleeping by the side of the road on my walks-depth of surrender and meditation.

4. horses--where I practice all that I learn, besides my daily life.

5. Ramakrishna-unifying all religions by practice and living as a pure human.

6. Sarada Devi-walking the talk of womanhood as a spiritual householder and Holy Mother.

7. Pahara Baba-providing the bridge between my living and spiritual world.

8. Gurudev-walking the talk as a living example of realization in a body.

My current spiritual approach/practice list was approved and with the added comments, "Listening and focusing on the inner vibration of the Divine Group, can be practiced anywhere in the world--not just in India or in the ashram. It will not be heard when the mind wanders outwardly."

Okay, so an indefinite homework assignment. Head nod on my attempt to take my inner meditation practice into my daily walks. I see more clearly how the ashram and Gurudev/Divine Group creates a mega-incubator where I come and go while developing and stabilizing the inner state. Sometimes my walk is in India and sometimes my walk is on the other side of the globe. Pranam.

Having no expectations is my current mantra for keeping my mind un-busy from developing stories.

Other side of the park looking towards where I live.
It is going to be big.
Construction has started with bringing dirt in and building a wall.

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